Includes lessons exercises and tests to increase speed reading and understanding
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This program consists of a course of 14 lessons with theoretical and practical information, exercises, and tests for speed reading and understanding. You can create various accounts to work. Each account can be password protected and it will contain the information for the learning progress, revision dates, marks in the books, etc. Also you can import or export accounts.
In the main window you will see many options: presenter, lessons, exercises, statistics, metronome, and stop watch. Also you will see the results obtained for reading speed and comprehension.
In the presenter window you will see the options: open a text file, load from the clipboard some text from another program, and insert bookmarks at the top of the window. At the bottom you will be able to change the number of lines to display the text (1 to 5), line width (10 to 40), reading speed (80 to 2000), and type size (10 to 30). Also you can shift the text to show only the number of lines you selected or the text highlighted in the entire paragraph.
In the Lessons window you will be able to select any of 14 lessons and play it. At the end you will have to answer questions in order to check understanding.
In the exercises window you will find exercises for training modules, Cyclops’s vision, eyes gymnastics, finding sequence, character, and game letters.
In the statistics window you will see tests, game memory, Schultz tables, and perceptivity.

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  • You can learn step by step. I
  • t contains field of vision exercises, memory training, etc


  • In the trial version the module SR Teacher will work only for 2 minutes
  • The presenter module will load limited amount of text
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